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Not Remdesivir, steroids and blood thinners saving lives from Covid-19 complications

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LUCKNOW, INDIA : Amid the panic on shortage of Remdesivir injections , experts have pointed out that certain steroids and were saving life of moderate to severely affected covid-19 stricken people.

Steroids and blood thinners are groups of medicines used for a spectrum of diseases. The two drugs operate differently in the body to counter medical problems. While steroids have anti-inflammatory properties, blood thinners are needed to prevent formation of blood clots in the body.


“Various strains of the Covid-19 virus attack the body and tend to give rise to conditions which cause inflammation and clot formation. If not managed well and on time, the patient’s life goes into serious danger which appears in the form of multi-organ dysfunction. We have noted that while Remdesivir helps in shortening the duration of illness, steroids and thinners are crucial to saving life of patients,” said Prof RK Dhiman, Director, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences which is attending complicated patients.

On how steroids help in saving patients, former head of Patel Chest Institute Prof Rajendra Prasad said: “when the covid-19 infection strikes a person, the virus makes a colony inside the throat and from there it makes its way to the lungs. In response to the viral attack, the body responds with an inflammation, which in turn irritates the nerves in the lining of the lungs making the infected person cough. In the battle between the virus and the lungs, covid-pneumonia kicks in. Steroids are needed to aid the human body take the edge.”


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